Sambik Elen, Lombok, 13 September 2019 – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) along with National Zakat Board (BAZNAS) today launched a partnership to stimulate economic development in a quake-hit agricultural village in Indonesia’s island of Lombok.


In August 2018, Lombok island was hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake, killing 564 people, and displacing 400,000 others. The quake also damaged more than 70,000 houses and key infrastructure for agricultural economic activities. Sambik Elen village - a key production area in North Lombok for coffee and cashew nut - was one the hardest hit areas.


The event in Lombok came a week after UNDP and BAZNAS launched a an agro-tourism village in Jambi, one of Indonesia’s key commodities’ pockets. The two initiatives are part of a larger collaboration on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which sawas a continuation of  the successful development of a micro-hydro plant in Jambi province in Sumatra island last year.


Under the partnership, villagers in Sambik Elen will learn new skills to improve crop production, maintain plantation and create finished products to build economic enterprises in local commodities.


"Our collaboration in enhancing local economic development in Sambik Elen will cover several potentials there such as cashew, coffee, porang, Trigona honey, and SMEs" Says BAZNASNana Mintarti, BAZNAS Commissioner.


UNDP Indonesia Deputy Resident Representative Sophie Kemkhadze said harnessing the local economy will give an opportunity for the quake-hit village to build back better.



"New skills and understanding on agriculture production is required to improve the livelihood of farmers.  Such new skills are particularly needed to accelerate the rebuilding process in quake-hit areas.  This partnership can unleash enormous opportunities for villagers in Sambik Elen to build back better, after surviving one of major calamities in recent years. It’s also an opportunity to create new source of incomes for the marginalized groups, including women,” said Ms. Kemkhadze.


Along with other UN agencies, UNDP has been implementing its rapid disaster relief program in Lombok to support recovery efforts in the aftermath of 2018 disaster, with some of the funding coming from UNDP’s own resources and the UN Central Emergency Response Fund.


The outputs from this initiative are to promote the sustainability of the agricultural sector in the village by providing technical assistance both on-farm and off-farm. Following the identification of the potential features in Sambik Elen, value-addition opportunities can be given to the local farmers for significant profit achievement. The development of the production equipment through soft loans and targeted micro-grants are expected in this village.


UNDP expects that this initiative in local economic development will accommodate efforts to eradicate poverty in natural disaster-affected areas in achieving SDGs, particularly goals no 1 (No poverty), and no 8 (Decent work and economic growth).


***For more information, contact:

Tomi Soetjipto – UNDP Communication Specialist,

Christian Budi Usfinit – UNDP Team Leader for Palu and Lombok Earthquake and Tsunami Reconstruction Assistance,

Greget Kala Buana, Islamic Finance Specialist,



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