Jakarta, December 8, 2018
– Marking the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Japan, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) on Saturday hosted a key seminar to highlight development collaborations of the two countries and identify prospects of future cooperations.

The seminar titled High-Level Seminar Project 2045 brought together representatives from ministries and government institutions from Indonesia and Japan and other development stakeholders. The seminar was organised by Project 2045: “The Path to Peaceful and Prosperous Indonesia 2045”, managed by UNDP in cooperation with ERIA with funding from the Government of Japan

UNDP Country Director, Christophe Bahuet said the Project could help identify fruitful future development collaborations between Indonesia and Japan.

“I strongly believe that the research conducted and the outcome of those discussions will be of value to policymakers and all relevant stakeholders in Indonesia, and to their partners in Japan. They will also be of great interest to a broader group of actors in the development community, including UNDP, as we are working on those very same issues to support human development in Indonesia,” said Bahuet 

The President of ERIA, Mr. Hidetoshi Nishimura, expressed the importance of human resouces, saying “the key messge of the report of Project 2045 is the importance of human resource development. Indonesia and Japan should invest in the human resource development, especially in response to advancement of digital technologies. Human resource development is the basis of keeping democracy, economic development and improvement of quality of life. Indonesia and Japan should jointly put more effort in human resource development”. 

The project aims to develop a study identifying potential avenues for Indonesia to be a resilient country with peace and prosperity in 2045 based on economic, political, and social analyses and communicate the outcome to policy makers, academics and public. While the project is designed to ensure Indonesia is on track in meeting its national agenda to build a stronger economy and prevent conflicts and extremism, it also serves to broaden opportunities for Government of Japan, UNDP, ERIA and other relevant partners to help Indonesia in paving the path to peaceful and prosperous economy in the future.

Three common targets of Indonesia-Japan’s common future are to uphold the democracy and become maritime global powers, to rank amongst the world’s top five economies, and to achieve high quality of life beyond Sustainable Development Goals. These targets are formulated into ten common challenges that will be overcome through cooperation in the following aspects: (1) Sustaining democracy and a diverse society; (2) Enhancing maritime security and rule based international order; (3) Strengthening regional and global supply chains; (4) Developing infrastructure; (5) Strengthening the economy through investment; (6) Developing human resources; ( 7) Vitalising the rural economy; (8) Towards an equitable society; (9) Digital technologies to improve quality of life; and (10) Resilience to natural disaster, tackling climate change, and managing natural resources.

For further information, please contact:
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