People Adopting a Greener Lifestyle Key to Sustainable Cities: Social Good Summit 2018



JAKARTA, October 20 - Indonesia – Indonesia’s most prominent museum, Museum Nasional, on Saturday turned into a playground of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a series of engaging talks, communities meet-ups, and free workshops on how to adopt a green lifestyle. The activities were part of UNDP’s SOCIAL GOOD SUMMIT (SGS) 2018. 

Social Good Summit is an annual event that is run and celebrated worldwide to bring SDGs closer to the public. The theme of this year’s Social Good Summit in Indonesia is “OUR CITY: Live – Work – Play”, bringing attention to Goal #11: “SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND COMMUNITIES”. 

“Population growth of Indonesia’s cities is among the world’s highest. Take a look at Jakarta – the sheer size of its population offers opportunities. I’m impressed by the resilience and resourcefulness of Jakarta people in harnessing innovation to improve their lives,” said Sophie Kemkhadze, Deputy Country Director of UNDP Indonesia. 

“In this Social Good Summit, we will learn various ways that we can contribute to make our city more sustainable and safer. We can learn the technology on how to turn plastic waste into roads, and how technology connects communities to fight gender-based violence, and help the city’s marginalized people find jobs,” she added. 

During the Summit speakers discussed challenges facing mega-cities such as congestion and air pollution, as well as solutions and trends to make the cities more environmentally-friendly. Among the speakers were Nirwono Joga, a landscape architect and urban planner who highlighted the need for open green spaces; Tedi Santo Sofyan, ST MT, from the Ministry for Housing and Public Work’s R&D section who shared the latest technology that can turn plastic waste into road building materials; and Carlson Lau from COCOWORK/ev hive who spearheaded a co-working trend that has reshaped the concept of office as a workplace. 

Other innovations included Riri Riza, a prominent filmmaker, sharing his experience in creating a place, Rumata Artspace, where creativity can be nurtured in his hometown of Makassar. Atika from the Sebar Inspirasi Indonesia Foundation shared the idea of using technology to connect a community of people who wants to help victims of rape and child molestation, whilist Yuanita Agata, the Marketing Vice President for Go-Life shares the experience of supporting the disadvantaged and disabled people by providing training and job opportunities with their app/platform. 

Social Good Summit 2018 also featured a community meet-up where unique communities of Greater Jakarta came together to advocate green lifestyle . Some of the communities were Belantara Budaya dance community; Ngobrol Jakarta a community focused on historical and cultural exploration of the City; RajutKejut, community of crafters,, and Taman Suropati Chamber Community who earned the place as the country’s first orchestra meeting and practicing in the park. Maylaffayza Wiguna and Yasha Chatab share their experience initiating and spreading the “running virus” with IndoRunners, the community of urban runners 

Social Good Summit featured performances by Sanggar Anak Akar, a band of street children, and Bangkutaman, an award-winning indie group, also healthy food by Salad Circus, Kopi Oey, Madesan, and MHF KitchenAmong the free workshops were “City advocacy through Visual Storytelling” with Feri Latief, a photojournalist and contributor to National Geographic Indonesia magazine, “Eating Healthy” by MHF Kitchen, “Grow Your Own Food” by Fajar Wiryono, the urban farmer, and “From Waste to Craft” by Harjuni Rochajati from RajutKejut. 

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