UNDP’s First Crowdfunding Bring Water for Life for East Sumba Meets IDR 350 Million Target

May 23, 2016

Jakarta, May 23, 2016 - UNDP Indonesia’s first ever crowdfunding campaign “Bring Water for Life” came to a close on Sunday May 22nd.  Launched on World Water day on March 22nd, the campaign is aimed for gathering public support for providing clean water access for Napu, a remote village in East Sumba district, by building a solar-powered water pump system.

The pump will benefit 500 village inhabitants for having daily water needs as well as for growing marketable vegetables. It reduces communities’ burden to walk 4 km up and down hill every day to get water and increase their resilience towards more severe drought risk due to changing climate.

Through collective efforts, the campaign has received the total of IDR 350,892,000, slightly over its initial target of IDR 350,000,000. It has drawn much support from many concerned individual, including public figures such as UNDP SDGs Movers Reza Rahadian and Eva Celia as well as donation from private companies and SDGs student supporters.

This initiative is contributing to the achievement of the 17 globally committed Sustainable Development Goals, particularly in increasing access to clean water and sanitation (SDG#6), to end poverty (SDG#1), fight inequality (SDG#10) and climate action (SDG#13).

“Achieving SDGs needs new thinking and our successfully crowdfunding campaign is a good example of innovation. UNDP also wants to mobilize all those who are willing to contribute to achieving the SDGS in Indonesia. With such initiatives and the support we are getting, we can make it happen!” said UNDP Indonesia Country Director Christophe Bahuet.

The fund from the campaign will be used to build one solar water pump in Napu by KOPPESDA, an NGO partner based in East Sumba with supervision from UNDP, which is expected to be completed in September 2016.

The idea of installing solar water pump is a replication of best practice from Strategic Planning and Action to Strengthen Climate Resilience of Rural Communities (SPARC) project that has implemented similar solar water pump systems in several villages in NTT.

The project is led by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and local government with support from UNDP since 2013. 

Contact information
Verania Andria
UNDP Senior Programme Manager
verania.andria@undp.org; 0811 8601 567
Maria Hattya
Crowdfunding Coordinator
maria.hattya@undp.org; 0817 9889 407

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