Jakarta , May 4 - Thousands of commuters on Jakarta’s bus system will see posters prominently displayed in shelters advising them about best practices to remain safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. The posters are part of a collaboration between UNDP and Jakarta bus operator P.T. Transportasi Jakarta, commonly referred to as Transjkarta, to inform passengers about social distancing regulations.

The messages, conveyed in Bahasa Indonesia via infographics, explain how to stay safe during the current pandemic, including practicing safe social distancing and the importance to dispatching face masks properly. These messages are aimed at commuters who depend on the system as their sole means of transport and who may otherwise not have access to vital information released online and on other channels.

The bus system – which comprises 13 routes or ‘corridors’ –typically serves up to one million passengers per day but has seen a dramatic decrease in the number of users since social distancing measures went into effect in March 2020. Nevertheless, for those who need to use the system during its limited current operations of 12 hours per day, these posters serve as a reminder that we still need to exercise caution during this critical time.

“While many of the city’s workers are currently working from home, essential services remain open in the city and there are many workers whose livelihoods depend on the jobs in these sectors. For many communities, the bus system is their only method of transport. Therefore, UNDP’s partnership with Transjakarta drives home the message that we care about all communities – especially the most vulnerable- as we deal with the current pandemic. Through this partnership, UNDP remains committed to helping all communities and ensuring no one is left behind,” said UNDP Indonesia Deputy Resident Representative Sophie Kemkhadze.

“We are happy to team up with UNDP as part of efforts to inform riders about the importance of practicing social distancing measures as directed by the government. As a public service it is our duty to ensure that our users remain safe especially during this pandemic. Our collaboration with UNDP adds richness to the many awareness messages which we had already shared to commuters” said Yoga Adiwinarto, Managing Director PT Transportasi Jakarta.

Some of the Transjakarta's other measures include placing dividers at bus stations to enforce physical distance between passengers. Adjustments have also been made to allow distance between seats inside its buses to minimize contact between passengers. TransJakarta also deploys an assigned officer to ensure the enforcement of social distancing take place prior to embarking each BRT stations.

The posters are on display in the system’s 120 shelters.

The poster placement is part of a wider collaboration between TransJakarta and UNDP on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Writing by Ranjit Jose

Edited by Tomi Soetjipto

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