Jakarta, April  1 2019 – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), with USD 5 million financing from the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) launched today a new partnership with the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (KemenPAN-RAB) of Indonesia to support the further development of the National Integrated Complaint Handling system known as  SP4N-LAPOR!

This System  is an online complaint handling system with the aim to increase public participation in the monitoring of government performance, programmes, and provision of public services. The KemenPAN-RAB manages the system and the Ministry aims to connect it to all subnational governments ( 34 provinces, 98 cities, 416 regencies), making it the only nationwide online complaint system in the country.

“This initiative will provide a platform of a joint collaboration in developing a master plan and roadmap for a comprehensive national complaint handling system or SP4N-LAPOR; through trainings for national and subnational governments and public campaign to inform all citizens,” said Mr. Dwi Wahyu Atmaji, Secretary of Ministry from the KemenPAN-RAB).

“Since 2017, the Ministry has focused on the connectivity of e-government platform systems to government institutions in Indonesia. This cooperation reflects the government’s strong commitment in honouring people’s  aspiration as a significant factor in improving public services,” added Mr. Atmaji.

KOICA Country Director, Heo Jin Jeong said that an improvement in e-governance could ‘transform the relationship between government and its citizens’

“The impact of a better complaint handling system will extend to far more efficient processes in government services. I believe this project reflects a great opportunity and an urgency for establishing a more comprehensive and integrated complaint handling system in Indonesia,” said Mr Jin Jeong.

Under the three-year and nine months project, KOICA will invite Indonesian civil servants to the Republic of Korea to share best practices of the Korean e-People system and highlight the importance of a strong and centralized complaint and information management system.  

The Resident Representative of UNDP in Indonesia, Christophe Bahuet said that the new initiative is part of UNDP’s broader support to achieve  the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs in Indonesia, particularly Goal 16 to create strong, effective and accountable institutions in the pursuit of peaceful and inclusive societies. 

“With KOICA financial contribution, UNDP will support the development of a  integrated strategy, develop capacity and raise citizen’s awareness to strengthen the handling of complaints from citizens. As such this project will tangibly contribute to e-governance and to improving the performance of public administration in Indonesia.” said Bahuet.

UNDP Indonesia Communication Specialist, Tomi Soetjipto, suryo.tomi@undp.org

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