Entrepreneur and Publisher Ronald Liem Appointed as SDGs Mover

Jun 24, 2016

UNDP is proud to announce its newest SDGs Mover, magazine publisher and entrepreneur Mr Ronald Liem. Mr Liem is UNDP’s third SDGs Mover, joining actor Reza Rahadian and jazz singer Eva Celia Lesmana to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Mr Liem, publisher of magazines Prestige, DaMan and DestinAsian says, “It’s an honour for us to be affiliated with UNDP.” For Mr Liem, promoting the goals through his networks and publications is key to achieving them.  “We just want to spread the news – you never know who’s going to pick it up. In order for them to know, you have to inform.”

The 17 SDGs aim to end poverty, combat climate change and fight injustice and inequality, however they are only achievable if all Indonesians are on board. SDG Movers like Mr Liem are critical for bringing about widespread social change. Mr Liem is particularly passionate about goals 13 and 17 – tackling climate change and building partnerships, respectively.

UNDP Deputy Country Director Francine Pickup welcomes Mr Liem’s commitment to promoting the SDGs.  “It is wonderful to have Mr Liem on board,” she says. “We are looking forward to harnessing his commitment to tackling climate change and finding ways for the private sector to contribute to social good.”

Throughout his publishing career, Mr Liem has given back to the Indonesian community as a board member of Rachel House, a foundation providing palliative care for children living with cancer or HIV. He is also a board member for Happy Hearts Fund, a foundation which rebuilds schools in areas impacted by natural disasters. Mr Liem’s work with UNDP to build partnerships and connect Indonesians to the SDGs is an extension of his ongoing philanthropic work.  Mr Liem’s passion for connecting Indonesians to global issues, and his active interest in the environment, sustainability and climate change will be an invaluable contribution to achieving the SDGs.

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