Improving the Legal Drafting Capacity of the Bangka Belitung DRPD

Between 2009 and 2014,the local parliament (DRPD) in Bangka Belitung  only initiated two local laws. The 2013  Indonesia Democracy Index (IDI)  showed a very poor score for the role  of  the DRPD in Bangka Belitung. The  DRPD scored zero in the bylaw  indicator,  meaning that not a single  local  law was initiated by the DRPD during that year.

When Suharto became the head of Secretariat of Bangka Belitung DRPD in 2014, he was shocked to learn about the DRPD’s poor performance as measured by the IDI. He thought about new strategies and communicated his idea to the Speaker of the DRPD, the Head of the Legislative Body within the DRPD, and another DRPD member.

Highlight Title

  • DRPD in Bangka Belitung only initiated two local laws between 2009 and 2014
  • Bangka Belitung had no one with legal drafting experience in the province
  • Under IDI projects, UNDP provided a legal drafting component in the training for DRPD members

His short term solution was to have an MoU with the Legal Bureau. In the longer term, he wanted to employ staff with legal drafting experience. Unfortunately, there is no one in the province with that type of expertise. So he selected four personnel and sent them for legal drafting training.

Responding to Suharto’s enthusiasm for improving the role of the DPRD, the IDI Project also suggested providing a legal drafting component in the training for DPRD members so they would have a basic knowledge of how to initiate local laws. It was discovered that the DPRD wanted to initiate local laws but that they lack the capacity to do it. Technical guidance for the DPRD was provided in October 2015 and included materials on legal drafting.


The MoU with the Legal Bureau of the Provincial Government has had a positive outcome. To date, three local laws initiated by DPRD have been passed, and three others are under discussion. The longer term effect of the provision of legal drafters will be seen in the coming years.

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