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Can I volunteer in my country?

Yes, for further details on how to serve as a national UN Volunteers, please click here. Another option is to volunteer over the internet from home through the UNV Online Volunteering service.

How to become UN Volunteers?

In UN Volunteers programme, there are several types of volunteer. First, please find where you want to work, in your country or abroad.

-  If you want to volunteer in Indonesia, please find the vacancy here.

-  If you want to volunteer abroad, please resister in our Global Talent Pool.

-  If you want to volunteer online, please find opportunities here.

How does the recruitment process work?

International UN Volunteers

The majority of assignments are filled from UNV’s talent pool. Based on the description of assignment provided by the host agency, UNV searches its talent pool for profiles that match the requirements listed therein. Identified candidates are contacted and assignment details are shared with them in order to confirm their interest and availability. Candidates are then short-listed for the final selection process which is conducted by the host agency.

Only difficult, highly specialized or high volume assignments are advertised on the UNV website, social media and with professional associations. For posted assignments, candidates still need to be registered in the talent pool. The assignment code can then be selected in your profile to express your interest in the advertised assignment.


National UN Volunteers

Where demand for recruitment of national UN Volunteers is high, UNV will generally establish a local roster of candidates for national volunteer assignments. In addition, special outreach activities will be undertaken to identify suitable candidates for a volunteer assignment. In all cases, candidates must undergo a competitive interview process to ensure transparency of the system. The UNV Field Units will be responsible for constituting evaluation/interview panels in close consultation with the UN Volunteer host agency.

Vacancy announcements are posted for one to two weeks on the UNDP job shop/eRecruit systems, centralized in this page on our global site, and/or advertised in the local media (newspapers, job sites, and professional associations’ newsletters) by a UNV Programme Assistant/Focal Point. The UNV Programme Assistant/Focal Point circulates it further via e-mail to all UN sister agencies, and places it on the local UNDP JOBSHOP website (http://jobs.undp.org/) or on the UNDP eRecruit website. In special cases, such as recruitment for remote locations or special outreach activities, the vacancy announcement is circulated as widely as possible through available channels and national institutions, local networks and mass media, i.e. newspapers, etc.

Who can become a national volunteer?

National UN Volunteers are volunteers mobilized by UNV at the request of a programme country to support peace and development programmes in that country. They are citizens of the country.

Non-nationals can serve as national UN Volunteers if they reside legally in the host country, are recognized as stateless or refugees, and if such service is in compliance with national law of the host country. Non-nationals may also serve as national UN Volunteers where programmes are run outside the beneficiary country, for example, due to security reasons. Non-nationals other than those in the situations described above cannot serve as national UN Volunteers.

Where UN Volunteers have more than one nationality, they must choose one. It should also be noted that UN Volunteers cannot serve in the same country under first one nationality and then the other.

How long does it take to be deployed as a UN Volunteer?

UNV strives to deploy UN Volunteers within 4- 6 weeks after initial contact with the candidate.



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