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Malashree, Disaster Risk Reduction Specialist  for UNRC/UNOCHA

 Malashree Bhargava is working with United Nations Resident Coordinators Office and United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) as Disaster Risk Reduction Specialist in Indonesia.

Through her assignment, she provides technical, planning, coordination support to the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) and Indonesian Government to roll-out the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR). This includes establishing coherence between the ASEAN’’s DRM strategies, Indonesia’s National Medium Term Development Plan or RPJMN (2015-2019), DRM related SDGs targets and indicators, SFDRR and climate change agreements. She is Focal Point for the UN El Niño/La Niña Focus Group in Indonesia. She also provides policy advice and technical inputs on disaster risk reduction to the UNCT and humanitarian Country Team (HCT).

She thinks the biggest difference between Indonesia and her home country, India is the population, but there is more similarity, for example the diversity of historical connection, culture, fabric, philosophy and disaster.

What is the most attractive point of Indonesia?

People. No one shout on the road.

What motivates you to volunteer?

Over the years, volunteerism has been a very fascinating journey of exploring myself, diverse cultures, communities and world views. Volunteerism especially in disaster prone countries give a sense of fulfillment as one closely connects with and positively contributes to the wellbeing of communities at-risk. These experiences allow me to contribute my efforts for making this world a better place.

What is your happiest moment working as a volunteer?

When contributing policy and planning, and see its translation into action. Volunteer is like to bring light to people.

When she was in school, she worked on volunteering related environmental issue, did charity-soup kitchen and she taught English to Afghanistan women.

Through UNV programme, she learned a lot about SDGs, how disaster risk management can assist SDGs and its importance for SDGs as once we meet disaster, if running is bad, all has gone.


INS-Volunteer Story-3Malashree Bhargava

After her assignment, she wants to work related to disaster risk management.Humanitarian aid and development practitioner. Currently a UN Volunteer as a Disaster Risk Reduction Specialist. She took her first Master degree in International Humanitarian Action as Erasmus Mundus scholarship by the European Commission and second Masters in Political Science. She has also completed a professional course in Advanced Studies in Disaster Risk Reduction from EPFL, Switzerland.

As a scholar at United Nations University she is authoring academic papers on disaster resilience. Previously she has worked on disaster risk management with the GIZ in Afghanistan.

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