Young Volunteers Who Innovate through Youth Volunteering Innovation Challenge Workshop 2017

INS-UNVLatest-News-1Participants and facilitators taking picture with Mr. Imam Gunawan, Deputy Secretary of Youth Development, Ministry of Youth and Sport. In addition to being a forum for channeling ideas, YVIC 2017 is also a place for them to develop a sense of volunteerism through innovation.

Jakarta – UNV Indonesia held 2017 Youth Volunteering Innovation Challenge (YVIC) workshop in Indonesia on 20 - 21 April 2017, with the support of the UNV Regional Office in Bangkok and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Indonesia. With the theme "Developing Skills for Life and Work through Volunteerism", this workshop aimed to find and support innovative volunteering activities on social impacts and sustainable development. Participants were accompanied by mentors in order to receive advice in refining their proposed ideas.

The interest and enthusiasm of the young people towards the YVIC was seen from 75 proposals submitted to the UNV between 30 January and 5 March 2017. 23 participants from eight selected teams came together to Jakarta from all over Indonesia, including:  AsahAsihAsuh, Deafriends, IBBIeducare, Jong Jakarta, Porteeria, RobinHerb, VOSCHA, and Warung Imajinasi.
The two-day event served as a venue for information and knowledge sharing provided by guest speakers as well as among the young volunteers. The guest speakers gave shared their knowledge and practical experience on the basics of volunteerism, volunteer management, theory of change and designing thinking, and more. At the end of the workshop, three teams were selected to receive financial as well as mentorship support while prototyping their projects.

The three selected teams are: Deafriends which offers sign language class and certification for the hearing impaired to work as a sign language interpreter; RobinHerb will support unemployed/school drop-out youth through creative waste recycling activities; Warung Imajinasi will develop capacities of high school students in the Kertasari district to equip with leadership and better learning skills to contribute to developing their communities. Following one and a half month-prototyping, one final team with the strongest progress and results achieved will attend the YVIC regional workshop in Bangkok, Thailand in June 2017.


UNVisit, An Introductory Event for Youths’ Participation

INS-UNVLatest news-2National UN Volunteer, Anggraini Sariastuti, sharing her UNV assignment experience with students

Jakarta - On March 31, UN Volunteers held UNVisit in collaboration with the International Student Association of Binus University. The activity that undertaken at Binus Syahdan Campus, West Jakarta was held to introduce what UNV does in general. This activity was also attended by Yulistina Riyadi, a Research Associate from Pulse Lab Jakarta and one of volunteers, Anggraini Sari Astuti.

The event was attended by around 50 students of Binus University who wanted to hear the first-hand experience from UN Volunteers . At the beginningMiyeon Park, UNV Indonesia’s Programme Officer provided information about the background of UNV, how important it is to be a volunteer, and how to register in the UNV roster which isavailable online. Yulistina from the Pulse Lab Jakarta provided information on the  Translator Gator 2, an online based project and packed as an interesting game.

The experience of being a volunteer was shared directly by Anggraini from UNFPA. The event concluded with a question and answer session where the participants were excited and had special interest in volunteering through UNV.

International Volunteer Day 2016

INS-UNVLatest news-3Participants celebrating the IVD 2016 in Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta - Hosted by the Ministry of Social Affairs and the United Nations Volunteers programme in Indonesia, the International Volunteer Day (IVD) was a chance for volunteers and organizations to celebrate their efforts, share their values, and promote their work. With the theme of #GlobalApplause –give volunteers a hand, IVD was celebrated in Yogyakarta on the 4th of December in 2016.

During the event, in collaboration with Australia Volunteers International (AVI), UNV set up a photo exhibition booth where UN volunteers shared their experiences of volunteering with visitors. Alongside the exhibition, UNV also asked visitors to write their opinion on volunteerism and to share their experience with others. In the main event, UNV Indonesia Programme Officer, Miyeon Park, gave a speech to celebrate and thank all the volunteers for their hard work, and the future plans for the UNV Indonesia. Specifically, she expressed her high hopes for volunteerism taking root in Indonesia and the country’s further development in this regard.

Besides the IVD event in Yogyakarta, UNV set up online actions to make a movement all over Indonesia. Through Twibbon, Facebook header, hashtag action and e-thanks cards, people celebrated IVD and promoted volunteerism.

National Volunteer Month –Bulan Relawan Nasional started from 2016, UNV Indonesia thrives on contributing sustainable peace and development through volunteerism.

Youth Force Task Workshop

INS-UNVLatest news-4Youth Force 2030 Indonesia members with UNDP and UNV representatives during the workshop.

Jakarta - Hosted by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Youth Force Task Workshop was held from the 20th to 23rd of December 2016. The workshop aimed to empower youth through the education and knowledge building practices based on SDGs and the 2030 agenda. As UN agencies consider youth as a powerful force for sustainable development and UNV Indonesia also focuses on youth. This workshop was a chance for UNV Indonesia to expand it networks and collaborate with youth. The youth participated in the workshop are the members of the 2030 Youth Force in Indonesia which inspire youth to engage in the promotion of SDGs and initiate action to drive positive changes towards an inclusive and peaceful society.

On the 20th of December 2016, Programme Officer of UNV Indonesia, Miyeon Park, was part of the panel on volunteerism in the Youth Force Task Workshop. As a speaker during the workshop, she presented on the importance of volunteering and volunteerism to encourage participants the importance of youth engagement in contributing to more sustainable development and a peaceful society. Her engaging speech won the hearts of the participants as they listened to her attentively.

UNV News Indonesia, April-May 2017



In this issue:

  1. Empowering Indonesian youth through Youth Volunteering Innovation Challenge

  2. UNV introduced to KOICA

  3. Giving presentation to AIESEC in discussion organized by UNIC

  4. Celebrating International Day of UN Peacekeepers with UN Volunteers

  5. Launch of UNV Indonesia webpage

  6. Sharing experience among UN Volunteers at the regular meet-up

  7. Interview with our intern, Fajar


UNV News Indonesia, June-July 2017

INS-June-July newsletter english

In this issue:

  1. UN Volunteers volunteering for the beach clean-up

  2. UNV volunteering during the 21st Sahabat Anak jamboree

  3. Promoting youth volunteerism for sustainable development across the ASEAN

  4. UNV Indonesia organized a group learning for UN Volunteers serving in the country

  5. UNV Regional Youth Specialist visiting Jakarta

  6. Interview with Mr. Ronald



UN Volunteers from Indonesia supporting UN peacekeeping missions around the world



Celebrating the International Day of UN Peacekeepers on 29 May 2017, UNV Indonesia had a pleasure to interview four international UN Volunteers from Indonesia who has completed the UNV assignment or keep serving in the countries of assignments. Their inspiring stories with photos from the field garnered much interest from public while being shared through UNV Indonesia facebook page ( over the four weeks in May.

All of the four UN Volunteers interviewed this time, Mr. Arie Wijanarko, Mr. Dian Prihatna, Mr. Akbar Nugroho and Mr. Donny Wahyuaji Maulana, were deployed to the logistical support, for example, transport and movement, aviation safety and air transport, which are very crucial for the effective implementation of the tasks in the peacekeeping missions.

Serving as a UN Volunteer two times in a row for four years, Mr. Arie Wijanarko was a backbone of the air terminal and operation planning in the MONUSCO (United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo). Although living and working in a new country was challenging, what motivated him to stay calm and keep serving was mainly thanks to solidarity with and support received from colleagues. When most of UN personnel’s houses, including Mr. Arie’s, were destroyed and looted during the riot in 2012, he received a call from a fellow Indonesian colleague who was serving in another peacekeeping mission thousand miles away. Despite they had never met each other before, he truly appreciated the heartfelt caring from the colleague. Now working for the IOM (International Organization for Migration) in Indonesia, he continues his mission to assist people in needs on the ground. Mr. Dian Prihatna is also in his second UNV assignment in MONUSCO, first as Air Operations Assistant and now as Aviation Technical Compliance staff. His tasks are mainly driving forklift and monitoring utilization of MONUSCO air assets.

Mr. Akbar Nugroho and Mr. Donny Wahyuaji Maulana have been serving as UN Volunteers in the UNAMA (United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan) and MONUSCO for six years so far. Adjusting to different environments from where they are originally from and used to work was not always easy at the first place. However, they turned such challenges into enriching opportunities both for themselves as well as national partners. He never could adjust to the cold winter up to -12 °C and heavy snow in Afghanistan. On the other hand, heartwarming moments were when his contributions were appreciated, for instance, during providing capacity building training for local colleagues with his knowledge gained through the previous job on the air safety. For Mr. Donny, the mandate and norms of operations in the UN peacekeeping mission seemed much broader and more complex than in the private sector where he used to work. However, while he was acting as an Officer in Charge during the airport attack by a rebel group, he learned to be prepared for the worst and hold the utmost responsibility to safeguard the entire movement control and his colleagues.

In such highly complex circumstances, mission accomplishments would not be possible without smooth logistical and administrative assistance which in many cases are provided by our proud UN Volunteers on the ground.

Since 2003, United Nations General Assembly observes International Day of UN Peacekeepers on 29 May annually. As of April 2017, there are 1,599 UN Volunteers from worldwide serving in peacekeeping missions and currently there are eight UN Volunteers from Indonesia serving in three different peacekeeping missions.

For more information about UNV and to find out How to Become a UN Volunteer, visit our global website; UNV Indonesia webpage through; UNVIndonesia (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

UN Volunteers volunteering for the beach clean-up



Commemorating the World Oceans Day (8 June) worldwide and coincided with the World Oceans Conference (5-9 June 2017, held in New York), a beach clean-up was organized by United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry on 10 June, at the Pantai Lagoon Ancol in the north Jakarta.

Including four UN Volunteers, UN and ministerial staff, as well as private company employees and student groups volunteered to collect trashes along the coastline and the park. The participants all together managed to collect about 145 kilogrammes of trash in less than an hour, mostly plastic bottles, products wraps and disposables stuck between rocks.

Such a volunteering activity will help reduce wastes floating around the ocean and destroying the marine life, which is a serious problem in Indonesia. In line with the main message of the event “Stop marine litter, manage your trash better”, the event also encouraged people to have more sustainable life behaviors, using less plastics and developing the mindset to protect the environment.

The UNV Field Unit Indonesia will keep sharing such volunteering opportunities among the UN Volunteer in Indonesia, as part of this year’s UNV Capacity Development and Learning Facility, which includes supporting and initiating volunteering activities as a way of enhanced community engagement and inter-cultural learning.


Promoting youth volunteerism for sustainable development across the ASEAN



“South-South Knowledge Exchange on Youth Volunteering for the Sustainable Development Goals: Sharing Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP) and Other Approaches from ASEAN Countries” was organized by the Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA) and the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme in Bangkok, Thailand, between 20 - 23 June 2017.

The conference focused on youth volunteering through the framework of South-South Cooperation. UNV and TICA brought together about 150 participants from leading partners in ASEAN countries, including volunteer involving organizations, civil society organizations, private sector, academics, and UN entities to share best practices and identify challenges and opportunities for volunteerism to become a driving force for sustainable development across the ASEAN region and beyond.  

The four-day programme included a fieldtrip, plenary sessions, moderated panel discussions as well as small group discussions on topics covering best practices and lessons learned in developing and implementing volunteering programmes. The conference also served as an excellent networking opportunity with a broad range of stakeholders involved in volunteering across the region.

Three presentations were made by participants from Indonesia during 3 different panel discussions:

Ms. Ranitya Nurlita talked about her commitment and volunteer-based public engagement to protect environment through “ASEAN Reusable Bag Campaign” during Panel Discussion 2: Promoting sustainable behaviour through youth volunteerism.

Mr. Abri Eko Noerjanto, Ministry of Youth and Sports presented the status of youth and potential of expansion of volunteerism in Indonesia through "Youth employment & volunteerism in Indonesia" during Panel Discussion 3: Volunteering for enhancing life and work skills.

Ms. Marsha Nashahta, Indorelawan introduced how the on-line volunteering platform was initiated in 2014 and how this has contributed more informed volunteering of volunteers and planned volunteer engagement by organizations through "Utilizing technology to foster volunteerism in Indonesia" during Panel Discussion 5: Innovation and partnership for more inclusive volunteering.

INS-Impact-AseanEcofun Indonesia awarded as a winner of the final YVIC

On the occasion of the conference, final winners of the Youth Volunteering Innovation Challenge (YVIC) was announced. Out of 10 teams selected from the two national Challenge (in Indonesia and Myanmar) and the ASEAN regional call, the Ecofun Indonesia, a youth-led social enterprise that focus on environmental education and science communication, won US$ 10,000.

Another team from Indonesia, Tune Map, which is a mobile platform to collect helps and navigate the visually impaired, was the 1st runner-up and received US$ 7,000. The 2nd runner-up was the NinoNina from the Philippines, who supports income generation of poor urban communities in the country, and awarded with US$ 5,000.

In addition to the prizes, all three teams will be also supported by SAP Asia Pte Ltd through mentorship offered by the company’s experts.

UNV Indonesia organized a group learning for UN Volunteers serving in the country

INS-UNV-ImpactAsean2Group photo of UN Volutneers with Ms. Anita Nirody, the Resident Coordinator of the UN Indonesia


A group learning of the UN Volunteers (UNV) programme ‘Capacity Development Learning Facility’ was organized between 3-5 July 2017 in Jakarta to help UN Volunteers serve as valuable and productive workforce with enhanced self-confidence and leadership.

The overall objective was to build the UN Volunteers’ self-confidence and soft skills in leadership and high impact communication skills; enhance UN Volunteers’ self-management and inter-personal skills for more productive and rewarding UNV assignments. This also served as facilitating a better network and teambuilding among current serving UN Volunteers. The full 3-day learning sessions were facilitated by the Indonesia Professional Training Center, with experts invited in the respective areas.

Besides the training this time, a regular meet-up among the UN Volunteers serving in Indonesia is held every month. The benefits of this meeting include updating each other’s activity, sharing experience and peer learning on specific thematic areas of their assignments, etc. Beyond the group training this time, UNV Field Unit Indonesia will continue productive UNV learning journey through knowledge exchange and small volunteer initiatives.

INS-UN Volunteers jump

Currently, 25 UN Volunteers (13 National; 12 International) are serving in Indonesia at 10 different UN agencies. 7 more UN Volunteers will start their assignment in coming months.

UNV invites people who are interested in serving as a UN Volunteer to register through

For vacancy announcement of national UN Volunteer positions in Indonesia, please regularly check our social media UNVIndonesia (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).



UNV Regional Youth Specialist visiting Jakarta

INS-UNV Asean Meeting


Ms. Emiliya Asadova, Youth Specialist at the UNV Regional Office for the Asia Pacific in Bangkok visited Jakarta between 17 and 19 July 2017. The main purpose of the visit was to participate at the partners’ meeting during the ASEAN Preparatory Senior Officials Meeting on Youth (Prep-SOMY).

She shared the most recent cooperation between UNV and ASEAN countries during the Youth Volunteering Innovation Challenge (YVIC) 2017 and the South-South Knowledge Exchange on Youth Volunteering organized in June 2017 in Bangkok. As a continuation, Ms. Asadova suggested further partnership in the areas of promoting youth volunteering for skills development and employability; enhanced south-south cooperation in youth volunteerism among ASEAN member states; youth volunteering during big sports and other international events, etc.

Since its establishment of the UNV Regional Office in 2015, the collaboration between the two entities has been steadily growing, especially for youth volunteerism. Taking the opportunity, she also had meetings with the UN Resident Coordinator, UN Volunteers, Volunteer Involving Organizations and Pulse Lab Jakarta


UNV volunteering during the 21st Sahabat Anak jamboree

INS-UNV Sahabat anak


Five UN Volunteers in Indonesia volunteered in the 21st Sahabat Anak jamboree between 22-23 July 2017 at the Bumi Perkemahan Ragunan. The event was organized by the Sahabat Anak, which is a non-profit foundation to provide education and advocates for the rights of marginal children and street children in Jakarta. Under the theme of "My Family Protector", 800 children from Jakarta and surrounding cities came to the event.

Coincided with the national children’s day, they enjoyed the fun and participatory game-based education program to learn about family values and children’s rights for 2 days and 1 night. UN Volunteers were part of the game facilitation team, and helped the children to carry out the game missions and learn the values.

There were many other volunteers from NGOs, private sector, universities as well as government offices. It was a good opportunity for UN Volunteers to be part of a local volunteering and interact with diverse group of people from different areas.



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