Gender Stories

Gender Stories are to explore various dimension of gender experiences. UNDP Country Office Indonesia has documenting our works in breaking gender barriers, on how we influence for gender transformative changes. From tiny steps, we are expecting huge changes on people, men and women, that we have worked with. Their experiences in participating and benefitting equally from our programme’s implementation, are all documented and shared to wider audiences. Gender stories are strong tools to learn, as reflective process from our engagement with women, and opportunities to extend it as appreciation of their range experiences, especially in promoting for gender equality.

For women farmers, climate change has yielded greater disparity
“Dear Tree, thank you” – A survivor’s tale to end Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Indonesia’s Papua
Women Reviving Dying Tradition in Indonesia. Weaving the future through textiles
Using cutting-edge technology for biodiversity protection.
Women spearheading sustainable production of Blue Swimming Crab in Indonesia
UNDP launches anti-gender violence initiative in Indonesia’s Papua province
Cash-for-Work provides trauma healing for women quake survivors in Indonesia
Jobs, at What Cost
Women Peacebuilders Aceh, Indonesia
Guarding a Handful of Paradise
A political ground shift for women
Ending Violence against Women today

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