Creative or Lazy, Everyone Can #BeatPlasticPollution Together


United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Ministry of Industry invite the community to to take actions against plastic pollution

Jakarta, 23 June 2018 – 13 million tons of plastic waste are thrown into the sea annually and damage the environment throughout the world.Plastic waste comes from plastic bottles or disposable shopping bags. The risks that plastic pollution represent for the environment and human health has lead the international community to act through the global movement "Beat Plastic Pollution" in this year’s celebration of World Environment Day on June 5. To contribute to this objective, UNDP together with the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia held a special event with an exhibition of photographs and art creation made from plastic waste materials; a workshop on coloring shopping bag made of cloth; waste filtering competition; and documentary film screenings on sustainable development.

"Tackling plastic pollution is our common responsibility - the government, the private sector and the society" said Dr. Ir. Ngakan Timur Antara, Head of Agency for Industrial Research and Development of the Ministry of Industry on his official statement on 22 June. Furthermore, Antara explained the main three ways to tackle plastic pollution which are minimizing the use of single-used plastic; finding degradable alternative materials; and recycling the plastic waste into products with economic value.

However, the usage of bio-degradable plastic is not popular yet in non-retail sector due to its relatively higher price, compared to conventional plastic. Innovation is also influential to the decrease of plastic consumption, such as the invention of edible coating which has several material characteristics of plastic and can function just like the conventional plastic for food industry. The Ministry is supporting the usage of bio-material such as tapioca for a safer and more environmental friendly edible coating or other alternative packaging.

The event also featured an interactive talk show with the award-winning actress Chelsea Islan, who is also UNDP Indonesia Sustainable Development Goals/SDGs Mover. "We can start saving the environment from simple actions, even we who sometimes like to be lazy can contribute. For example by using a shopping bag made from cloth. Just keep the cloth bag in

our bags everyday, so it’s ready to use in reducing disposable plastic bags" said Chelsea Islan, after presented tips to save the world for "lazy people" in the talk show.

Anton Sri Probiyantono, Senior Programme Manager UNDP Indonesia appreciates the excitement on sustainable environment issues shown by participants, who are mostly young people. “In this event, UNDP together with our SDG Mover Chelsea Islan wants to encourage everyone to take simple daily life actions that can save the earth,” said Anton.

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