Bangladesh Draws on Indonesian Expertise to Optimize Benefits of Climate Finance

Oct 13, 2017

JAKARTA - With support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - “Governance of Climate Change Finance Programme”, 11 Bangladesh Government representatives from the Ministries of Finance, Environment and Forests, Water Resources and Agriculture are undertaking a climate finance study-tour in Indonesia. The representatives began their study tour earlier this week to meet with high-level officials from Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of National Development and Planning, and Ministry of Home Affairs. 

The officials hope to better understand climate vulnerabilities facing Indonesia and the policies and strategies being used to finance mitigation and adaptation actions. “The Government of Indonesia has extensive experience in integrating climate change into the budgeting processes. Indonesia, with the support of the Government of Sweden, has also worked with UNDP’s Governance of Climate Change Finance Programme to conduct regional reviews to improve the allocation and management of climate finance – this is essential in meeting targets for emission reductions and adaptation commitments,” said Anita Nirody, Resident Representative of UNDP Indonesia. 

Significant climate policy progress has been made in Bangladesh in recent years with the adoption of the Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan and the creation of the Bangladesh Climate Change Trust Fund. With UNDP assistance, Bangladesh has also adopted a Climate Fiscal Framework that has prompted interventions to improve the mobilization, monitoring and effectiveness of Climate Finance. Representatives of the study group pointed out that that following this progress it is now time to exchange key lessons with experienced individuals in countries such as Indonesia to build upon practical examples.

With the support from the Department for International Development (DFID) and the Government of Sweden, UNDP has been working with both the Governments of Bangladesh and Indonesia to improve climate sensitive budgeting. This is critical because climate policy is translated into climate action through effective and transparent budgets. This exchange is a unique opportunity to build on that progress to further improve the sustainable development benefits of climate finance for both Bangladesh and Indonesia.