[Blog] Harnessing Survey Data to Determine the Impact of Climate Change Using Technology

Oct 15, 2015

Imagine the time consuming practice of turning datasets for hundreds of data points regarding complex crops and planting seasons into data-driven maps and infographics, to visualize data growth or change over time and space. And now imagine these same results, only a few clicks away. In its final phase of the rapid prototyping of the Do-It-Yourself Survey Application for Monitoring (DIY-SAM), UNDP Indonesia, together with Akvo Foundation, excitingly plays around with creative technology for data analysis and smart data visualization. Following the completion of the data collection through the ADAPT ASIA Survey in Malang, East Java Province, we have been able to efficiently turn raw data into visualized findings for improved communication to the project team, donors, and partners. 

 Image: Geo location map of farms as data points collected using DIY-SAM for the ADAPT Asia Survey generated with CartoDB

“The final instalment of the Training of Trainers for data analysis and visualization of DIY-SAM provided us with the knowledge and free-of-charge tools that allow us to animate data into interactive maps,” said Verania Andria, Programme Manager for UNDP Indonesia. “In the era of digital technology, creative visualization of data helps to share data to a variety of target audience in creative ways that considers the attention span and time availability of each data user.”

During the latest full day Training of Trainers, Akvo Foundation provided  training on a variety of data analysis and visualization tools including: Google Fusion, Open Refine, MySQL, CartoDB, and Infogr.am. The participants of the training were provided the opportunity to transform the finalised raw datasets into large, timeseries heatmaps, or categorical data enabled through the geo tagging feature of DIY-SAM.

Moving forward, UNDP Indonesia will leverage for DIY-SAM to support future surveys or assessments of all projects throughout the archipelago. Discussions are underway to further refine some of the features of the Survey Tool and to conduct the next cohort of the Training of Trainers for both programme and project teams to transfer the knowledge on how to expand the use of the DIY-SAM survey tool.

Looking back, the 2015 Innovation Fund project has not only provided UNDP with the funds and creative space to develop this tech-savvy Survey Tool; it has also exposed the team to the wonder of data innovation and the importance of the data revolution for everyone at the helm of UNDP programmes throughout Indonesia. It is this type of innovation that allows us to modernize the practise of data collection, analysis, and visualization in a thoughtful and creative way that complements proven traditional approaches. We believe that through more effective use of smart data – collected during service delivery, economic transactions, and remote sensing – our work to support the Government of Indonesia in achieving sustainable and inclusive development will be truly bolstered.

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