[Blog] Training the trainers with our DIY survey app. What happens next?

Aug 26, 2015

Photo: Training of Trainers participants learn how to input survey questions into the online dashboard.

Last month we shared with you the launch of our first mobile survey project, the Do-It-Yourself Survey Application for Monitoring or DIY-SAM. Through a partnership between UNDP Indonesia and the Akvo Foundation, advances have been made in the use of the online survey tool as part of the DIY-SAM project.

A few weeks ago, the Akvo Foundation visited the UNDP offices in Jakarta to conduct a Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop for UNDP staff and surveyors; with using Akvo Flow technology for the DIY-SAM project.

The three-day interactive ToT engaged over 35 participants from UNDP and the Bogor Agriculture Institute (IPB) to learn about the survey tool’s features and how to operate it. Participants joined in an interactive training to learn to enter survey questions into the Akvo Flow online dashboard. Surveys were broken up into categories of specific topics, and tablets were utilized for mock data collection at the UNDP offices.

On August 3, we kicked off our first field test with a day of data collection for the ADAPT ASIA Survey*. The team was prepared to mobilize rapidly in finalizing the questions and implementing them during the field survey in Malang. Despite some challenges faced entering the questions into the dashboard in the beginning, including a number of complex grid questions for the survey, the team was able to complete the survey in time for data the collection in the field.

The following week, UNDP staff,  IPB surveyors and  trainers from Akvo reconvened in Malang in East Java. Here DIY-SAM was field tested for the ADAPT Asia Survey, using tablets to begin the survey in over 200 field locations. 

Check back with us to know more about the data collection and find out about data analysis using other cutting-edge features of this mobile survey tool! 

* DIY-SAM Use for the ADAPT Asia Survey

A UNDP-USAID Asian Climate Adaptation Study on the Economics of Adaptation in the Agriculture Sector (ADAPT ASIA) study linked to an ongoing project between UNDP and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry called Strategic Planning and Action to Strengthen Climate Resilience of Rural Communities (SPARC). The ADAPT ASIA Study is being implemented in August 2015. DIY-SAM will be used to conduct the survey in East Java Province for this Study to understand how farms (200 households as sampling size) are impacted by Climate Change and how they adapt to Climate Change. Once the bank of queries have been fully populated, DIY-SAM will be used for other surveys/assessments for newly initiated and ongoing projects.

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