'UNDP a relevant and trustworthy development partner’ – Indonesian Development Minister

May 9, 2014

Indonesia’s National Development Planning Minister, ArmidaAlisjahbana, has commended UNDP for its work in the country and reaffirmed the government’s commitment to strengthening its strategic partnership with the UN body to achieve sustainable growth and equity.

Armida made this statement at UNDP Indonesia’s Partnership Event, ‘Transforming Lives Together’, which showcased some of UNDP’s key results over the years, jointly produced with the Ministry of National Planning and Development (BAPPENAS) and other line ministries.        

“The Government of Indonesia and UNDP share one strong common bond. We care about the people of Indonesia and we are committed to ensuring that development does not leave the poor and the marginalized behind,” Armida said in her keynote speech.

She added that UNDP remained “a relevant and trustworthy development partner” in Indonesia’s middle-income country context, especially to address regional disparities and to secure sustainable growth.

The results presented in UNDP’s Partnership Event were displayed in six booths with the following themes: ‘Alleviating Poverty – MDGs 2015 and Beyond’; ‘Providing Access to Justice’; ‘Improving Governance’; ‘Supporting Community Resilience’; ‘Forest Protection and REDD+’; and ‘Tackling Climate Change’. 

 “I am pleased to note that all of the results presented during the event this evening are in line with our national priorities. These results reinforce the relevance and strategic value of our partnership and how we are ‘Transforming Lives Together,”’ said Armida.


Speaking at the event, UN Resident Representative in Indonesia, Douglas Broderick, said as Indonesia stands at a critical juncture to accelerate development gains, the UN stands ready to work together with the government on a partnership that would also require ‘creative thinking’; something that Indonesian people already have. He used an example of ‘OjekPayung’ – men offering services to rent and hold umbrellas for the Jakartans, commonly found at malls during rainy days.

“This is something which I don’t see anywhere else in this world,” Broderick said.“Of course, this is not to say that the UN supports short-lived and temporary solutions.  Nonetheless this out-of-the-box thinking - constantly looking at every opportunity - appeals to me most.”

UNDP Country Director Beate Trankmann said the agency has undergone transformation in recent years to respond to the fast-changing development landscape and in order to attune to the needs of Indonesia as a middle-income country, including through exploring new opportunities for collaboration with the private sector. 

“Over the last three years we have invested in simplifying our business processes to enable us to respond faster to our clients and partners,” said Trankmann.

“What we are doing is reshaping UNDP as a more agile, responsive, innovative, cost-efficient and results-oriented partner that works more effectively with other development actors to support Indonesia in achieving its priorities - whether those priorities be on poverty reduction, climate change, renewable energy, decentralised governance or bureaucracy reform.

For more details on strategic results showcased during the event, please visit the following link: http://www.id.undp.org/content/indonesia/en/home/library/others/undp-indonesia-results--transforming-lives-together/



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