Journalists head to Ternate to see access of justice

Oct 16, 2012

A Simulation of Legal Awareness by Indonesian Housewifes in Ternate

    UNDP recently travelled with Tempo English and Jakarta Post to meet beneficiaries of UNDP’s Legal Access fo Disadvantages (LEAD) Project in Ternate. During the trip, the journalists met victims of violence and local housewifes who act as paralegals. The housewives were trained by a local NGO which has been UNDP’s working partner since 2008.

        Ternate is only one of the areas in which LEAD has been developed throughout Indonesia. There are 450.000 people who have received legal assistance and advocacy services through LEAD. LEAD has provided legal services and training that can help communities, women, and citizens with low education levels to take control over their own lives. The second phase of LEAD, Strethening Access of Justice (SAJI) is being launched this year in Ternate with a focus of expanding the target areas to the secluded spots of Ternate and the surrounding islands.

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