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  • 24 Nov 2015
    EU renews support to the Indonesian Supreme Court to enhance judicial reform

    Jakarta, 24 November 2015 – The Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia welcomes the support from the European Union (EU) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to contribute to its ongoing reform to achieve an exemplary judiciary.

  • 23 Nov 2015
    Introductory Remark; Indonesia Wind Energy Forum 2015

    Indonesia Wind Energy Forum” was initiated together with wind power developers and turbine manufacturers in order to promote and accelerate the wind industry market development in Indonesia.

  • 13 Nov 2015
    Key conference on peatland management kicks off in Jakarta in the aftermath of haze crisis.

    Jakarta, November 13 2015 – Ahead of the the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP 21), the Government of Indonesia and UNDP on Friday held an international conference on sustainable peatland management. At least 27 international forestry experts attended the two-day conference which will also discuss long term solution to Indonesia's fire and haze crisis.

  • 11 Nov 2015
    Indonesian female politicians take cues from Norway

    “Women can’t work at night but as a politician it’s quiet impossible,“ said Mrs.Hana Ruby Cervenka, First Secretary of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Indonesia in her remarks to a mostly Indonesian female politicians..

  • 10 Nov 2015
    Indonesia Launches National Module on Peace Building for Civil Servants

    Jakarta, November 10 – Indonesia, which once experienced a series of sectarian and communal conflicts, on Tuesday launched a national module on peace building for its millions of civil servants.

  • 27 Oct 2015
    Working with Myanmar, South-South cooperation with Indonesia gains momentum

    Jakarta, October 27 - Men in longyis (sarongs) and women in traditional Myanmarese dresses lightened up the atmosphere at the start of a week-long workshop on planning and budgeting in the capital city of Indonesia.

  • 15 Oct 2015
    [Blog] Harnessing Survey Data to Determine the Impact of Climate Change Using Technology

    Imagine the time consuming practice of turning datasets for hundreds of data points regarding complex crops and planting seasons into data-driven maps and infographics, to visualize data growth or change over time and space. And now imagine these same results, only a few clicks away. In its final phase of the rapid prototyping of the Do-It-Yourself Survey Application for Monitoring (DIY-SAM), UNDP Indonesia, together with Akvo Foundation, excitingly plays around with creative technology for data analysis and smart data visualization. Following the completion of the data collection through the ADAPT ASIA Survey in Malang, East Java Province, we have been able to efficiently turn raw data into visualized findings for improved communication to the project team, donors, and partners.

  • 13 Oct 2015
    Central Sulawesi formally backs customary court system

    Palu, Indonesia, July 12 - Thronged with people in dresses made out of wood sheets and traditional red shirts with bullhead patterns, the scene inside the Central Sulawesi governor’s assembly hall resembles more of a carnival than a gathering of law enforcement.

  • 29 Sep 2015
    Opening Remark Social Good Summit Jakarta

    Gelas air dan telpon cuma dua contoh karena akses air minum yang bersih dan pengembangan industri inovasi dan telekomunikasi adalah bagian dari 17 Tujuan Pembangunan Berkelanjutan atau S-D-G.

  • 28 Sep 2015
    Influential voices in Indonesia lend their support to Global Goals

    Jakarta, September 28 – From one of Indonesia’s most powerful men to the whiz kids of mobile apps, a group of influential voices and inspiring youths gathered on Monday to show their support for the newly launched Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or Global Goals.

  • 17 Sep 2015
    The rise of women in the customary justice system in Aceh

    “We need to start with the women at the village level ... local coordination is what is important,” the feisty-looking elderly woman said, standing up and speaking to the mostly women group in a conference room in the provincial city of Banda Aceh.

  • 09 Sep 2015
    150 mayors gather for 2ndASEAN Mayors Forum in Makassar to discuss pressing urban issues.

    Makassar, Indonesia, 8 September 2015– At least 150 mayors from cities in South East Asia region on Tuesday gathered for the 2nd ASEAN Mayors Forum (AMF) 2015 in Indonesia’s eastern city of Makassar, to discuss urban management and ways to improve capacity of their bureaucrats.

  • 01 Sep 2015
    Regional talks on climate change finance and sustainable development in Jakarta

    Jakarta, 01 September 2015 – The Regional Forum on Climate Change Finance and Sustainable Development kicked off Tuesday in Jakarta with speeches from Indonesia’s Finance Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro, UN Assistant Secretary-General and UNDP Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific Haoliang Xu, as well as HE Johanna Brismar Skoog, Ambassador of Sweden for Indonesia and the United Kingdom Ambassador for Indonesia ASEAN, and Timor Leste HE Moazzam Malik.

  • 01 Sep 2015
    [Blog] UNDP INNOVATION SQUAD: Myth-Busting 101

    "Innovation amateurs talk good ideas; innovation experts talk testable hypotheses." That’s how Michael Schrage, an innovator who has worked for Google and Intel once described how he separates the wheat from the chaff.

  • 26 Aug 2015
    [Blog] Training the trainers with our DIY survey app. What happens next?

    Last month we shared with you the launch of our first mobile survey project, the Do-It-Yourself Survey Application for Monitoring or DIY-SAM. Through a partnership between UNDP Indonesia and the Akvo Foundation, advances have been made in the use of the online survey tool as part of the DIY-SAM project.

  • 19 Aug 2015
    UNDP support leads to major deal to develop wind power

    Multi-million dollar deals between the Government of Indonesia and two foreign investors to develop wind power projects worth US$657 million was signed on Tuesday, and UNDP’s support was instrumental in the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

  • 13 Aug 2015
    Jakarta is close to piloting the Green Economy Model

    JAKARTA (August, 13 2015) – The capital city of Jakarta has expressed an interest to pilot the Indonesian Green Economy Model (I-GEM) a key tool that supports the country’s ambitious reduction target on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

  • 10 Aug 2015
    Harnessing the Power of Women in Peacemaking

    Peace processes that include women are 64 percent less likely to fail. And, when women and women’s groups are included at the negotiation table, peace agreements are more likely to be reached.

  • 28 Jul 2015
    [Blog]Getting key information at your fingertips, improving the process of surveying

    Data collection is the cornerstone of improving human development. Now, imagine having to collect hundreds if not thousands of key statistics ranging from peoples’ age to income, percentage of child deaths and so on. We then have to manually enter the information into a spread sheet (This is where the errors pop up!). Not to mention the process of locating and finding remote geographical target areas with GPS and cameras. This challenge is even more apparent in Indonesia, a huge archipelago stretching over three time zones with over 520 districts and countless remote pockets. It’s no wonder Einstein encourages innovation to ‘solve our problems’.

  • 23 Jul 2015
    UNDP and Solidaridad partnership to improve palm oil sustainability in Indonesian provinces

    22 July 2015, Jakarta – In an effort to improve sustainability within Indonesia’s palm oil supply chain, global not for profit Solidaridad and the UNDP announced in July a new partnership to support the launch of the Indonesia Palm Oil Platform (InPOP) in several key district provinces.