Third National Communication to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (TNC)

What We Do


Indonesia signed the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) in Rio, which was then ratified in 1994 through the Law no. 6/1994. Under this framework, Indonesia has committed to fully implementing the framework. One of the requirements in the Framework stipulated that Indonesia has to report its activities aimed at addressing the issue of climate change to the UNFCCC through the National Communication on Climate Change.

The National Communication itself contains information on the following:

  • National circumstances;
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory and projection;
  • Mitigation action plan (including related cost, expected funding and relevant policies);

Vulnerability and adaptation assessment (including action plan for adaptation, related costs, expected funding and relevant policies), institutional arrangement, and plan for improvement of future national communication;

In 2010, Indonesia presented its Second National Communication (SNC) to the UNFCCC. A number of gaps in the Initial National Communication (INC) were identified on the SNC. These gaps include target activities as follows:

  • To enhance the reporting in national communications, focusing on mitigation actions and their effects as well as support received;
  • To submit Biennial Update Report (BUR) consistent with the government capabilities and the level of support provided for reporting.

Aligned with these target activities, the project “Third National Communication (TNC) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change” is aimed to enable the Government of Indonesia to design public policies and measures for mitigation and adaptation to address climate change, through the following project outputs:

  • Strengthened technical capacity and institutional arrangement at national and local levels;
  • Assessed environmental, social and economic impacts of implementing these mitigation and adaption policies;

The project aims to assist the Government of Indonesia to carry out all the necessary activities to prepare the TNC and Biennial Update Report (BUR) to comply with its commitments to the UNFCCC, in agreement with Convention’s Articles 4.1 and 12.1.

The project has five indicators as follow:

  • Prepared updated National GHG Inventory;
  • Prepared reports on the impacts, vulnerability and adaptation measures to address climate change, variability and extreme events;
  • Prepared a report on GHG mitigation policies and measures to address climate change;
  • Prepared a report on description of national circumstances and other relevant information;
  • Published the Third National Communication (TNC) and biennial update report; 

Key Milestones


TNC Project Document was officially signed by the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Environment and UNDP in March 2014. Since its implementation, TNC had managed to produce some of these following key results:

  • Established Biennial Update Report (BUR) template and framework;
  • Initiated a Study on Local Emission Factor and Data Activity for Waste Sector in Riau Province, as one of the pilot are for TNC Project;
  • The Ministry of Environment has been supported by key relevant ministries to established GHG inventory database for industrial process and product use (IPPU), waste, energy, and agriculture, forestry, and other land use (AFOLU) sector up to 2012. This database will become an important part of the 1st BUR submission;
  • Bappenas through RAN GRK (Rencana Aksi Nasional Penurunan Gas Rumah Kaca) Secretariat, in close coordination with key related ministries has conducted the MER (Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting) of the national mitigation actions from all related ministries. Yet, evaluation on the quality results still needs to be conducted together with the ministries, especially regarding baseline scenarios, GHG calculation methodology, and data activities. 


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