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  • / The People-Centred Development Programme (PCDP) (hereto known as the Project) is implemented utilizing a national implementation modality in which the government counterpart is responsible for the management of the project implementation. Following a technical meeting of 6 July 2010 in Jakarta, it was decided that BAPPENAS will serve as the Implementing Partner (IP) and provincial level partners, including planning agencies (BAPPEDA), BPM/BPMKK will work as Responsible Parties (RP).PCDP Papua Website
  • / Provincial Governance Strengthening Programme (PGSP) is a collaborative programme between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Government of Indonesia which aims to strengthen the roles and functions of the provincial government through policy development, regional development planning, and the provision of a better public service.PGSP website
Latest MDG Reports
Report On The Achievement of The Millenium Development Goals Indonesia 2010

This report provides details on achievement of the development goals and the MDGS indicators which show the status of achievement in 2010. Based on these achievements, this report briefly outlines the challenges faced and the efford needed to achieve the MDGs targets, which can be used as a basis for formulating the necessary activities to achieve the MDGS targets by 2015.

Let's Speak Out for MDGs:Achieving the MDGs in Indonesia 2008 edition

This report is result of extensive consultations with the Government, Thematic MDG Working Groups, UN Agencies, Civil Society
Organizations, Media and the Private Sector. Financial and technical oversight for this report was provided through the TARGET
MDGs Project which is a joint initiative of BAPPENAS and UNDP to support the achievement of the MDGs in Indonesia.

Report on the Achievement of Millennium Development Goals Indonesia 2007

The report on the Achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 2007 is the third national report of its kind. The first report was published in 2004, while the second one was published, in the form of a brief summary, in 2005. This report is published not merely as an obligation, but it is an attempt to provide readers information about the progress that Indonesia has made, and to demonstrate the commitment of the country to realise the goals of the Millennium Declaration which was made at the United Nations in 2000.

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