Crisis Prevention and Recovery

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Cover image for CPR Update 2008 CPR Update 2008 July 1, 2008
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  • CPR Update January 2008Jan 1, 2008CPR Update January 2008Aimed at highlighting current issues pertaining to our mandate of crisis prevention, recovery and peace building within the development sector, this publication is produced in close collaboration with our Government of Indonesia counterparts and highlights the many areas of our participation in Indonesia’s development as a means of hopefully informing donors, development stakeholders, interested observers and the Indonesian general public alike.

  • CPR Update 2008Jul 1, 2008CPR Update 2008Circulated in February 2008, the first issue of the UNDP Indonesia Crisis Prevention and Recovery(CPR) Update provided a general overview of UNDP’s CPR portfolio working in conjunction with the Government of Indonesia and other key partners.

  • CPR Final ReportJan 1, 2006CPR Final Report


In 2011, UNDP, in close partnership with the Government of Indonesia, worked to ensure policy and regulatory frameworks were in place to increase Indonesia’s resilience to crisis and external shocks. UNDP has also continued to strengthen the capacity of national and subnational institutions, and that of multistakeholder forums, in conflict prevention, postcrisis recovery, and risk reduction. Assistance to these institutions and forums has included support to the development and application of appropriate crisis management tools and mechanisms.